slide1We recognize that every business has different needs. Our goal is to identify those areas where we can help and provide you with solutions that are tailored to you, your company, and your budget.

Tax Preparation

As a business owner, you may find tax obligations and deadlines a little overwhelming. We are here to help! We provide the following tax services:

  • Corporate tax
  • Partnership tax
  • Schedule C/Sole proprietorship/single member LLC
  • Individual/personal tax

We also see to it that our clients are provided reminders well in advance of tax deadlines.

Tax Planning

“I believe that everyone chooses how to approach life. If you’re proactive, you focus on preparing. If you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing.” ~ John C. Maxwell

Tax planning is critical for small business owners, and provides you with the time to make decisions before year-end that will impact your tax liability. We evaluate the variables involved in your unique tax situation and provide you with a roadmap to avoid surprises at tax time.

Quarterly & Annual Payroll Tax Preparation

Many clients find it convenient to run payroll through QuickBooks® from their office, but they do not consider themselves to be payroll tax experts. This is where we come in! By preparing the payroll tax returns each quarter, along with the W-2s at year-end, we ensure that payroll and payroll taxes are handled properly.

Payroll Processing

For clients wishing to outsource the entire payroll function, we offer periodic payroll processing (typically weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly), including payment of payroll tax deposits and preparation of quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, including W-2s.

Bookkeeping & Controller Services

We provide monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping services that can be customized and packaged according to your needs. Our process is designed to work with clients using QuickBooks®, Enterprise Solutions desktop versions, or QuickBooks® online and provide the following advantages over traditional bookkeeping services:

  • YOU decide which bookkeeping functions you wish to handle in-house and which functions to outsource
  • Monthly and quarterly entries entered into your accounting system real-time
  • Focus on educating you and your staff to reduce periodic adjustments
  • Optional Controller-level services
  • (Desktop versions) Select the date and time that is most convenient for you to send your books; YOU control when the QuickBooks® file is returned (no more downtime)
  • (Desktop versions) Send your books quickly and securely to our office (no more QuickBooks® backups to email or drop off)